Why the WELL Health-Safety Rating Is So Important

Be DTLA by The Souferian Group is proud to be the first apartment community in Los Angeles and all of Southern California to achieve the International WELL Building Institute's WELL Health-Safety Rating.

Winning this seal demonstrates our commitment to wellness and balanced living. We go beyond just protecting residents and staff from the COVID-19 pandemic and include comprehensive practices to support our residents’ health and safety needs now and in the long-term.

A third-party designation, the WELL Health-Safety Rating seal means you can trust that the space you are entering makes your health the first priority.

An Innovator in DTLA Community-Centered Living

At Be DTLA, we aim to provide wellness-centric apartment living in vibrant downtown Los Angeles that benefits residents holistically. With the receipt of the Well Health-Safety Rating, Be DTLA is showcasing that our wellness efforts extend beyond the limits of the current crisis and will ensure best practices for years to come.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management is an evidence-based, third-party rating designed to enable property owners to prioritize the health and safety of all those that enter their doors. Our team achieved the rating by showcasing best practices across five categories: cleaning and sanitization procedures; emergency preparedness programs; health service resources; air and water quality management; and stakeholder engagement and communications.

Our community can be confident that Be DTLA is invested in their wellbeing in practicable, provable ways. Upon arrival at Be DTLA, residents, staff and visitors can expect:

  • Enhanced Cleaning Practices with Preferred Cleaning Products
  • Reduced Respiratory Particle Exposure & Improved Ventilation
  • In-Depth Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Plans
  • Expansive Sick Leave & Health Benefits for Employees
  • Support for Mental Health Recovery and Promotion of Health & Wellness
  • Commitment to a Smoke-Free Environment
  • Management of Mold & Moisture as Well as Air & Water Quality
  • Promotion of Handwashing & Reduced Surface Contact

At Be DTLA, we promote a culture of wellness and balanced living. Our reinforced safety programs, amenities, and policies are here to support your lifestyle.


The receipt of the WELL Health-Safety Rating marks Be DTLA's emergence as a leader in the wellness space. We help our residents live up to our motto:

Be Well. Be Centered. Be Home.

If you're ready for a downtown Los Angeles community that supports your well-being, come tour with us on your time. Virtual and self-guided tours are available.